The responsibilities of the executor are substantial. The handling of financial assets is relatively simple in comparison to real estate and personal property. It is the executor who is answerable to the beneficiaries for the safekeeping and then the distribution or sale of the assets of the estate.

            Many executors have the chore of settling an estate only once or twice in their lifetime. Therefore, they must depend heavily on the advice of competent advisors as they face many unfamiliar problems, in carrying out their duties.

            An accurate evaluation of the real estate and personal property is important. Being fair to all heirs and beneficiaries is a must. Getting these duties carried out in due time and an accurate accounting of all assets are the considerations of the executor.



Executors of estates for many years have called on the experience and expertise of Barr Realty & Auction Co., Inc., Hardinsburg and Brandenburg, Kentucky, to help solve many of their problems. We can be most helpful in these three areas:


EVALUATION – To get a complete inventory of assets and their value. Our staff, being in the market place each day, can accurately appraise real estate and personal property.


ADVICE – Helping with decisions as to the time and manner in which assets are sold is often made by our auctioneers. Whether to divide a large piece of real estate or to make minor improvements to a home – we have crossed these bridges many times before and are ready to help executors with these decisions.

AUCTION – There are several reasons why sellers like auctions. Wide exposure gets results. Time is important. Auctions let competition, emotion and enthusiasm work for the seller and auctions are fair. Our service is complete with all preparation and details being taken care of by us. We have perfected the auction method of selling so that relatively accurate ranges of value can be projected upon initial review of the property. This allows the executor to know what to expect.


These projections and advice are done for free. Simply call. There is no obligation.


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