Register for Online Bidding


From this page click "Create Account" (top right corner)

This takes you to the registration page.

You need to fill out all the areas that have an “*”in the following areas:

“Personal Info”,

“Billing Info” (if Shipping Info is same as Billing Info, click “Same as Billing”) “Shipping Info” (if not the same as Billing Info)

In the “Interest” block check all the blocks that you are interested in.

In the “User Info” you need to create a “User Name” and a “Password”, then confirm the password.

Skip the “Credit Card Info”.  We do not accept credit cards as a form of payment.

In “Bidding Alerts” you can choose your email address and/or text alert when you are out bid on an item.  

Skip the “Additional Info”, Driver’s License, DL State of Issue, Last 4 of SSN, Date of Birth, Tax Exempt (if applicable), Tax ID (if applicable).

“Bidding Terms”, click the box “that you are agreeing to the above terms”.

If you have filled in the appropriate boxes you should be registered.

Then click on "View Catalog" for the auction you wish to bid on, click on  "Login to bid", log in and start bidding!  Good luck and happy bidding!

If you have any questions, please call Barr Realty & Auction Company, Inc. at 270-422-2136 or 270-756-2136.