Problem Property

Do you have a problem property? 

An Administratrix for an estate contacted us about a home and garage on an acre of land, along with a truck, car, and other personal items that needed to be cleaned and sold. The home was full of clutter and had trees, bushes and vines along the outside that had to be removed.

We hired a contractor to mow, remove the trees, shrubs, and undergrowth from the home. Our own crew worked several days removing 3 dumpsters full of rubbish from the home and garage.

The home and 1 acre sold for $62,700 by online absolute auction.

We coordinated with the Administratrix to have the home cleaned out by our crew, hire a crew to mow, remove trees and shrubs, have the vehicles detailed, and our crew organized the personal property to be sold at online auction.  We closed the deal with money in hand within 30 days. If you have a problem property that needs attention prior to sale, we can handle the details for you. 
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