Executor's Checklist

Executor’s Checklist


_____  Certified Copies of the Appointing Order

You will need several copies for: bank accounts, utility companies, stock broker, transfer of vehicles, insurance companies, government agencies.

_____ Death Certificate

_____ Vehicle and/or Mobile Home Titles. This may also include modular homes.

If you cannot locate these, you will need to apply for a lost title at the county clerks office.

_____ Copies of Deeds  (duplicates can be obtained at The County Clerks Office)

_____ Copies of the Will

Will Book and Page Number (will be needed for future deed references) After the will is probated through The Circuit Clerks Office it is then recorded in The County Clerks Office.


If you go to the Social Security office to inquire about death benefits and/or future payments, you will likely need these items:

·         Death certificate

·         Social Security Number of deceased person

·         Social Security number for person who may be eligible for benefits

·         Birth certificate for any children that may be eligible for benefits

·         A bank account number to deposit the one time death benefit (it may seem ridiculous, but the one time death benefit is only $255).